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Risks and risk management in auto racing

There are many dangers associated with auto racing, as with other sports, but the risks tend to be more heightened and often more real. This is because of a combination of reasons that include the speed of the cars, the conditions of the tracks, circuits and roads, the elements of the car that present the risk of malfunction, as well as the fact that there are many other drivers racing alongside each other. Some of the most prominent risks to drivers’ health and safety in auto racing include:

    • Crashes: the most obvious, notable and frequent risk is that of crashing. It happens often and to varying degrees depending on the type of race, the type of car and the driver. This risk is simply inevitable and hard to minimize other than ensuring cars are well suited to race, drivers are skilled, and that the rules of the races are followed.
  • Technical or auto malfunctions: cars are full of quite literal moving parts, as well as technology and non-human elements. This means that there is always the risk that something could or might break, malfunction or not work as it is supposed to.
  • Weather and natural conditions: rain, snow and other factors can impact the conditions of tracks and circuits, especially for the races that take place on roads.
  • Mental health: the sport of auto racing, as with other sports, presents risks to the athletes’ and participants’ mental health and conditions. This is something that is important to manage, beĀ aware of and to take care of.
  • Physical injury: though auto racing may not be like soccer insofar that it does not require the participants to run, jump and dive, drivers are still put in situations that present risks of physical injury. Even improperly holding the steering wheel presents a risk of injury to drivers.

So, what do the various regulatory and responsible entities and authorities do to help and manage these risks, the overall health and safety of drivers, and those involved in the sport?

  • There are different programs that are in place to manage drivers’ mental health and create awareness.
  • There is also extremely thorough and detailed training for drivers in terms of health and safety, and all of the ways to prevent injury and crashes.
  • Leveraging technology and innovation to help players more easily access and connect with the healthcare and medical attention that they require at any time.
  • Teams: those who provide service to car all the way to on-site medics are integral to ensuring driver safety, and making sure that the sport and those participating stay safe.
  • Education and experience: drivers practicing and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of auto racing, is another way that risks are mitigated