Car Buying Tips

Why Is December the Best Month to Buy a New Car

It may sound illogical or superstitious to say that December is the best month to look for a new car, but statistics seem to back up the claim. The professionals at Edmunds have looked at their data and concluded that December is the month with the most discounts and promotions. But why is that?

It’s Holiday Shopping Season

December is the month when everyone is busy preparing for their big Christmas and New Year holidays. Shopping for gifts and all other product categories surges during the month and every retailer prepares well for this special month, car dealers included. In fact, because December is usually the month people get their extra paycheck, they tend to spend more. To compete for consumers’ dollars, car dealers often offer attractive discounts during this month.

Old Model Clearance

December, September, October, and November (generally the months at the end of the year) are usually the months during which dealers and showrooms try to clear as many of their old models as possible. This is because car manufacturers tend to introduce new models in January or during the first half of the year, and dealers don’t want to have their old stock standing there blocking the arrival of new models. Dealers also need to close their accounting book at the end of the year, and having a few more sales can make their performance look much better.

More Approachable Dealers

During December, most people are busy flocking to shopping centers and airports to get to their holiday destinations. They normally wouldn’t think about buying a new car at this time of the year. Surely they need gifts for their family and friends, but hardly would they think about buying a car as a gift (unless it’s a very special occasion and they are extremely rich). Due to lack of incoming potential customers, dealers will tend to spend more time with you and answer all your questions. If you are a novice in car buying, this is a perfect time to compare different models and get your dealer to explain things to you more clearly. Even the biggest dealership will not be busy during this time of the year.