Top Four Scientific Benefits of Tinting Your Car Windows

Many people want to tint their vehicle windows so that they get a sophisticated look. However, using a window tint film has more benefits than just beautifying your car. If you want to tint your car or have been thinking about it for a while now, here is a detailed list of the benefits that will help you make that decision.

Blocks Unhealthy UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays (UV) are electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. Both UVA and UVB are quite harmful to human skin, especially when one is exposed to the sun for a long time. Some of the consequences that come with excess exposure include sunburn, darkening skin, skin cancer and premature ageing.

Window tinting helps to prevent all these harmful effects because it lowers the exposure to UV rays by more than 90%.

Protection from Skin Cancer and Fading of Car Upholstery

The other significant advantage that makes window tinting essential is its ability to protect people from skin cancer. According to Dr Albert Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, people who drive for long hours have more pigmented and rougher skins due to solar damage.

Research has also proven that people who are always on the road have a higher risk of getting skin cancer.

Scientists have encouraged people to apply tint to their vehicles. It can keep away up to 99% of the UV rays, hence reducing skin cancer risks.

Apart from protecting your skin, window tinting helps shield your upholstery from the harsh sunshine that can lead to fading and cracking or warping of internal parts, making your car look old. Thus, window tinting helps keep your vehicle looking new and makes it easier to sell when you want an upgrade.

Health Benefits

When excess heat accumulates in your vehicle, people with heart conditions are at risk of heat strokes. One is also likely to experience sudden fatigue plus the excess heat also affects the health of your eyes. Car window tints reduce the heat in your vehicle by around 60%, which is quite a significant amount, helping you stay healthy as you hit the road.

Safety Measures

Window films have some useful safety advantages, including keeping your window from shattering when hit by an object. This is quite beneficial, especially during an accident. The window might crack, but the tint film will prevent the pieces from shattering and flying all over the vehicle on to passengers and causing glass injuries. It is also harder for thieves to get past tinted glass when robbing a vehicle. This is because of the adhesive used in window tinting.


You will find different types of window tint films on the market today. These days you do not have to get a professional to help you tint your windows. You can choose a precut window tint film that is easy to apply and comes with a guarantee on the product, a damage warranty and even an application warranty.