Car Maintenance Tips

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Owning a new car gives you joy and pride, but to make the joy last, there are certain things you need to pay attention to in order to make your car function well in the long foreseeable future.

Changing Gear Too Abruptly

Your engine needs time to adjust itself to different driving conditions. Don’t shift the gear too fast or it will cause untimely wear and tearthat will damage your system very soon. When climbing a hill, don’t accelerate on a low rpm or high gear because it will cause strain to your motor. Allow the revs to rise before accelerating.

Overloading Your Vehicle Too Often

If you need to relocate, it’s understandable that you’ll need to load lots of luggage onto the car to transport them to the new place. If this is a one-time occasion, it’s okay, but if this happens on a regular basis, your vehicle may wear down faster than you think. Read the owner’s manual to know the maximum weight your car can withstand.

Hitting Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are there to make sure you drive well within allowed speeds. If you drive too fast, your car will hit those speed bumps hard and probably get damaged. Don’t make the mistake of speeding up to save a few minutes only to end up wasting time fixing a broken down car- from the shocks to the rear and front parts- they car can damage.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Lights

If you don’t know what a warning light on your dashboard means, check your owner’s manual. There are serious ones that require you to pull over and fix them immediately before continuing with your journey, while others are lighter issues that can be taken care of when you get to a garage.